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Emergency Out of Hours Maintenance Issue

Should there be an emergency ie FIRE etc and life is in danger do not try contacting Michael Jones & Co until after contacting the EMERGENCY SERVICES on 999.

Depending on the Emergency please consider the points below:

  • GAS LEAK - Find gas meter and turn off gas. Contact National Gas Emergencies on – 0800111999 (please follow the National Gas Emergencies advice).
  • WATER LEAK - Find stop cock and turn off (clockwise). Please state where you believe the leak is coming from and how it is affecting the property. If the water leak is outside the property call Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water on – 0800281432.
  • ELECTRICAL ISSUE - Find the fuse board and turn off the mains power by the switch.
  • APPLIANCE ISSUE - Please give the exact issue along with the make and model.

Also consider:

  • Lots of information can be obtained to resolve small problems via google and youtube.
  • Please Note. DO NOT dismantle any appliances etc or put yourself or others at risk. Unsure? Contact us.
  • * Costs (variable) incurred as a result of a landlord arranging for someone to attend the tenant’s property at the request of a tenant, such as any tradespersons, when the problem had been caused by the tenant in the first place, such as a blocked washing machine, blocked sink, window broken, or keys lost or locked inside a house etc.

When reporting a maintenance issue please give as much information as possible backed up with photos of the issue.

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